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Book Launch!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Well... here we are.

This time last year if you had asked me "Christina, when will you be launching your children's picture book?", I'm not sure I would've known what you were talking about.

Had you read my diary from when I was a kid? Did you find the stories I wrote once upon a time and left hidden in the woods (buried in a cookie tin in the ground to be exact)?

And yet, here we are! One month from my first book launch!

How this came about is a bit of a story in itself (some of which you won't be privy to) and I look forward to catching you up on the details as we count down to publication day... January 2023.

So, subscribe to my newsletter where I'll go into more detail than what you see on this site. I'll also be sharing promotions, free coloring pages, etc...

3..2..1 month till launch!

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